Friday, January 25, 2013

New work

Hi everyone... It has been a whirlwind last few days, but I did manage to go out painting this morning.  The weather was gray and overcast, the wind was cool, but the temp was a balmy 65.  My painting chum and I found a treasure trove of distant vistas to paint just south of San Antonio.  We laughed and observed that we could just drive around all day taking pictures of the gorgeous views we found.  We did finally settle on one area, and this is my result.  There is something so enticing about the colors on a gray day with the winter browns in the landscape.  I love it so much.  Never get enough!


Here are a few paintings I have done in recent weeks.  These three are destined for the Plein Air Southwest Salon show in Dallas:

These were done during a few days R&R at South Padre Island:

As always, these and many of my other works are on my website and available for purchase.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


My posts have been lacking lately due to my concentration on ways to market my work.  So far, I have 5 different web sites, this blog, a newsletter, an eBay store, an Etsy shop, a Facebook Page, a LinkedIn account, and a Twitter account.  I will link all those below for those of you who are interested in seeing my entire presence online!  This is a real struggle for me, far more difficult than the painting which is my lifeblood, my very breath.  If anyone has ANY comments, criticisms, suggestions, amusmements, or any other reaction to any of these online links, PLEASE DO tell me via the comments area below.  If you are not a Blogger member, you may email me at to comment.  I sincerely do want to know your ideas and observations.  Be honest, I can take it!

OH, and I have been painting... but I need to do photos of them to post, will do asap.

Also, I have entered 3 different major exhibitions/competitions.  I am waiting for results on two of them, but I have been accepted into the Plein Air Southwest Salon held at the Southwest Gallery in Dallas, Tx.  I will let you know about the others just as soon as I get the word..

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Luv you all!