Monday, August 27, 2012

Keeping you in the loop!

Oops, missed last week's post.  Sorry, all... our house is undergoing a makeover and I have been hard at work painting walls, cabinets, organizing closets and drawers.... Oh, what FUN!!  (sic)  But, soon the new floor will be in, making the new counter tops and sinks look even better.  We have finally found a really good contractor, who is honest, thoughtful, creative, and reasonable.  He actually does a great job!  Anyone who wants a worker in SA, call me... I will hook you up!

So, what's up in my art... sad to say I haven't painted anything for 17 days!  except walls, of course.  But I heard today that I have been accepted into the Boerne Texas Hill Country Invitational show, and I will be participating in the quick draw competition as well.  SO EXCITING.  Here is a little blurb with a link if you want to find out more.

The Texas Hill Country Invitational, a premier art show and sale, will be held Oct.19-21 in historic Boerne, Texas, and promises to be a true fine art experience. More than forty talented artists in diverse artistic media will display their works. Additional activities will include a paint-out with silent auction, an opening night preview event, a quick draw and live auction, artist demonstrations, and a breakfast with the artists. For additional information visit

 Another terrific thing is also coming up... I will be participating in the Kerrville Outdoor Painters event, also in October... and here is a link for that....

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Whole Week Without Painting

Good Grief!  This week has been all about emptying my living room, dining room and kitchen in preparation for new flooring and paint and counter top.  No time to paint.  Man, am I ever itching to go outside to do a dozen or so paintings!!  LOL

On a very positive note, a couple of really great things have happened.  First, I was named the first Artist of the Month by the Shertz Area Artz Council to have a hanging of work in October.  Better get busy buying frames!!  The work will be displayed in the Shertz Civic Center through the month of October.  Hope some of you can come see.  I am in the process of choosing my paintings to hang, no easy task!

Another thing, and maybe good of a longer duration, I have been asked to have a small display, only 6 paintings, at a local, very upscale, boutique/designer showcase/decorator center called Five Broads Off Broadway.  They plan a reception by invitation to their clientele of designers and decorators.  I really hope this becomes a consistent source of revenue and leads to recognition by several galleries here in San Antonio.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I can use all the positive energy I can get.

Friday, August 10, 2012

A fun little show

On August 1st, my birthday as it happened, I hung a small show of my recent plein air work at a local gallery/cafe.  We had a reception on Aug.4th, and the place was RockIN"!!  We filled all the seats and there was standing room only.  Such fun, and I made some sales, which made me very happy!  A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thesis Work

Here are the paintings that made up my Thesis Project. 
Profound Relationships:  Animals and Their Humans.

Each painting represents a moment of time in which I caught the subjects at their most revealing.  My concerns were to show the subjects naturally in available light, depicting candid moments, and showing the  relationships between the animals and their humans.


Well, I finished my MFA degree in May.  The last few months of school were hectic and somewhat disappointing in terms of the learning standards I had been used to.  Perhaps that was the intent, to give me the space to start becoming the artist I have become.  At any rate, it did force me to start thinking for myself, whereas before I was thinking mainly of how to please the instructors, and make the grades.  Aside from the intense work I was doing, and the giant leaps of learning I was making, there was always the need to make the grades!

As school drew to a close, I began to realize that I was going to be on my own, making my own art decisions, making my own choices, finding my own way in the art world.  So here I am now, brand new degree on the wall, boxes, and portfolios, and stacks of paintings taking up space in my studio, time on my hands, and looking for work!

Last week, I hung a small show of my landscape plein air paintings.  During the reception of my show I sold 3 paintings.  This was a wonderful way to start off my "new" life.  Thanks to the Gallery at Rise for hanging my show, and thanks to all my clients, students, and friends who attended.  I hope to continue this passion for plein air work, as well as doing studio paintings.  I have plans for several different series of works, so in the next few months, you will see some of those ideas take shape on this blog. 

Thanks for the support you all have given me over the years, and thanks for your continued interest and support.  I hope to be more regular with this blog in the future, as I get used to the "new" daily grind!