Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Ebay Listings

Hi All... Please go to my ebay store and look at the new auction listings I just posted... I think they should all find new good homes!

Finished Painting... of July 27th post

Here is the final result of the painting I showed in its beginning stage on July 27... I am very happy with it... I took the scarf out and just dealt with the pose by using light and color to make it "read"........

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer School is almost over...YAY!!!

This has been a challenging summer for me.  My school work has kept me inside most of the time with only short forays out to teach and twice to swim.  Our weather continues to be horrid, 100+ temps and NO RAIN ... everything is drying up and seems about to blow away.  On the up side, I turned 61 on August 1st and I survived!  Soooo, I think I will stop having b-day parties... maybe one more at 70!!

Currently, my work in school is going pretty well.  Here is my newest painting in watercolor of my friend Helen and her cat Oreo.  This is one of my thesis paintings and I am particularly proud of it...

I will post other paintings in a few days (6) when school ends and I have time to think again!